My name is Susan, and welcome to my blog!

I live just outside of Milwaukee, WI with my amazing husband of 27 years, and our two Golden Doodle dogs, Duke and Dolly. We have three boys that are now out of the house, making us empty nesters! Our oldest son lives and works in Chicago and loves the excitement of the big city, our middle son lives in the mountains of Colorado taking classes, working and doing lots of hiking and snowboarding, and our youngest son just started college at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. My husband, Mark, and I are both alumni at UW, so it is really fun to go back and visit him and take in a football game.

Since I stayed home with my boys for most of their growing years, I have had to switch gears now that they are all out of the house. Writing this blog is giving me the outlet I need especially because my husband’s job seems to get busier every year. He is an Orthopedic surgeon specializing in sports injuries, especially knee and shoulder.

I love to bounce information off of him and our discussions about health care in this country can get pretty lively at times. He is my biggest supporter but sometimes he is also my critic and that helps to keep me grounded and honest with myself.

I hope you enjoy sharing my stories, my recipes, and my photos. I hope you find some or all of the information interesting and informative and I also hope you share your thoughts with me!